Friday, February 23, 2018

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LewisGale Medical Center Recognized for Efforts to Prevent Fractures and Educate Patients About Osteoporosis

LewisGale Medical Center was recently recognized by the American Orthopaedic Associaton (AOA) as one of only 75 hospitals nationwide to be named a Star Performer in the AOA’s “Own the Bone” program. Through a clinically-proven, web-based patient registry and 10 prevention measures, the program helps reduce the incidence of future fractures as well as the impact of osteoporosis in patients.

“LewisGale Medical Center’s participation in and recognition for its achievements as part of the Own the Bone program are a reflection of our longstanding commitment to providing patients with the highest levels of quality healthcare and the best outcomes possible,” explains James M. Leipzig, M.D., a board-certified spine surgeon at LewisGale Regional Health System. “By identifying at-risk patients and utilizing education and prevention as tools, our dedicated, committed healthcare professionals are making a real, lasting impact on patient outcomes and on their lives.”

The Own the Bone program provides tools that enable hospitals and medical centers to establish a Fracture Liaison Service that identifies, evaluates and treats fragility fracture patients over 50 who are at risk of osteoporosis, while coordinating patient care among different specialties and physicians for each patient. LewisGale was recognized specifically for achieving an exceptional compliance rate on the program’s 10 measurements and for their ongoing efforts to prevent fractures in patients at higher risk due to osteoporosis or previous fractures.

“A comprehensive, multi-specialty approach will greatly reduce repeat fragility fractures for at-risk patients,” says Douglas R. Dirschl, The American Orthopaedic Association’s First Past President. “Own the Bone gives hospitals or clinics the tools needed to address and curb this major health crisis.”

About LewisGale Regional Health System

LewisGale Regional Health System’s 44 HCA-owned patient care facilities include 4 hospitals, 2 regional cancer centers, 6 outpatient centers and affiliations with both employed and independent physicians.  With 3,300 employees, its annual payroll is $245.6 million. The system also paid $31 million in taxes and provided more than $125 million in uncompensated care to those most in need in 2014 alone. LewisGale is also part of HCA Virginia, the largest and most comprehensive healthcare provider in the Commonwealth with nearly 15,000 employees.  For more information see

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