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On June 24, providers and staff who work at Carilion's Oak Grove Velocity Care will be moving to the Electric Road location, consolidating the practices. Hours at the Electric Road location will then extend until 11 p.m.This consolidation is to help better serve Carilion’s patients in the community, as the Electric Road location is typically a highly trafficked VelocityCare.

James A. Hartley, Chair of Carilion Clinic's Board of Directors, received the 2017 Excellence in Governance Award from the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA). This award honors those in governance roles who have a history of making significant contributions to the health care field through commitment to service and leadership. 
Hartley has been a vocal leader in the health care industry at the local, state and national level for more than three decades, advocating for quality care, patient safety and equal access to health care. 
"James ' dynamic leadership, sound judgement and humility made him an ideal candidate for this prestigious honor," said Nancy Howell Agee, president and CEO of Carilion Clinic. "It is truly a privilege to work alongside such a dedicated and passionate leader." 
He began his career in 1980 when he joined the Board of Directors of Carilion Giles Community Hospital, later joining the Carilion Clinic Board of Directors in 1989 (formerly Carilion Health System). Over the years, Hartley has served on the Compensation, Executive, Finance and Nominating Committee and serves as Chair of the Executive Committee. Hartley's leadership greatly contributed to the organization's successful transition to Carilion Clinic in 2006, which included a significant expansion of Carilion's primary care physician network, a new dyad management structure and a strong commitment to medical education. He took over as Chair of the Carilion Clinic Board of Directors shortly after this transition in 2008.
Extending to the national level, Hartley also served on the American Hospital Association (AHA) Committee on Governance from 2012-2015, and he currently serves on the AHA Committee on Governance Leadership Development Committee. 

Not many people work in a profession that requires them to dedicate their lives to helping others like the field of healthcare does. During national healthcare recognition, we have challenged people to sum up in a few words the impact their profession means to them and how important it is for their community.  


Urgent Care Clinics and Emergency Departments in the region have seen a surge of patients experiencing cold and flu symptoms during the last week. In response, to enhance access to care, Carilion Clinic's VelocityCare clinic at 4035 Electric Road near Tanglewood Mall will remain open until 10 p.m. through at least Thursday (Mar. 16), and possibly longer depending on the community's need. 

Program participants at the Rescue Mission will soon have more opportunities for strengthening their bodies along with their minds and spirits. Carilion Wellness Roanoke is donating 18 exercise machines it is replacing with new equipment.
“We are thrilled to receive this generous gift on behalf of participants in our Recovery and Tabitha Programs,” said Chief Program Officer Helen Ferguson, “as it will give them more opportunities to work through stress with exercise. We always encourage our participants to exchange destructive behaviors for positive ones. Exercise is a wonderful substitute for addiction and promotes a healthy life style change.”

“We hope that engaging the Rescue Mission residents in a way that emphasizes their wellness – their wellbeing – will help them with self-esteem, confidence, morale, and of course physical health,” said Bud Grey, Vice President for Carilion Wellness.

The Rescue Mission plans to put some of the machines in its Women and Children’s Center. The rest will be housed in the Men’s Shelter building for use by Recovery and Tabitha Program participants.
Carilion has partnered with the YMCA, which will provide assistance with equipment orientation and training.

The equipment will be delivered and set up at the Mission on Tuesday, Feb. 28th. Officials will be on site and available for interviews between 12:30 and 1:30pm.


The Rescue Mission of Roanoke, located at 402 Fourth Street SE, is a 501(C)(3) grassroots organization serving as a Christian Crisis Intervention Center for Southwestern Virginia. Receiving no government funding of any kind, the Rescue Mission is supported by the generous donations of our community partners. Since 1948, The Rescue Mission has consistently served all people in need regardless of race, creed, gender, age, or ethnicity. For more information about the Rescue Mission, please visit, or call (540) 343-7227.

This is the time of year when many of us are trying to make good on our New Year’s weight-loss resolutions. We’re furiously dieting and steadfastly working out, trying to get our bodies down to that elusive “ideal weight” goal.  

In the last remaining months of 2016, the governor of Virginia declared that the nationwide opioid epidemic had become of public health emergency in the Commonwealth. Statistically, the number of fatal opioid overdoses had increased by 77 percent, compared to that of just five years ago.  

In an effort to face this crisis head-on, the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services implemented a program called REVIVE!, which Carilion Clinic pharmacists have since established locally at all Carilion pharmacy locations. 

REVIVE! is the Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Education program for the Commonwealth. Thanks to its implementation, Carilion pharmacies are now stocked with REVIVE! kits, which are outfitted with Naloxone, a drug that can reverse the effects of an overdose when used properly.

What makes this program especially unique is that these kits are available for anyone at a total cost of $60. Additionally, some insurance providers will cover the kit’s cost, allowing those covered to purchase the kit with a small copay.

“We felt that it was crucial to provide these lifesaving resources to not only those immediately impacted by opioid use, but also any concerned friends, family members and those who simply want to be prepared,” explained Carilion New River Valley Medical Center Pharmacist Charlie Tarasidis.

Anyone over the age of 18 is now able to pick up these kits from a Carilion pharmacy. In addition to picking up the kit, pharmacists provide a brief but required educational introduction to the kit and its contents, answering any additional questions.

The public is also strongly encouraged to attend a REVIVE! Naloxone Overdose Course offered by their local health department or the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.   

“Our communities are already suffering from this crisis,” said Tarasidis. “Too many have already experienced a loss. Because of that, it’s even more important to raise awareness of these readily available, life-saving resources.”

For more information, contact your local Carilion pharmacy.  

On Monday, Jan. 30, Carilion Clinic and Jefferson College of Health Sciences welcomed Senator Tim Kaine. He spent the morning visiting with leaders, faculty and students, discussing health care and education.

Earlier this month, Senator Kaine was added to the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Senate Committee. And while he’s always had a passion for education and health, he noted how important his discussions with Carilion, Jefferson College and other health care related organizations were to his understanding of the issues.

After an early morning meeting with leaders at Carilion, Kaine joined Jefferson College president Dr. Nathaniel L. Bishop, on a tour of the college, including the ambulance simulator, the Virginia Intercollegiate Anatomy Lab and the respiratory therapy lab. The innovative learning environment was impressive, he said, and they added to his conversations with students and administrators, in his ongoing effort to understand better the intersection of health care and education.

Kaine is approaching his new role like he has approached his previous roles as governor of Virginia and mayor of Richmond, with a strong focus on collaboration. He talked of sitting around the table with all health care stakeholders to discuss what is, and what is not working, in order to spur progress and move forward. He hopes to use face-to-face dialogues, like those at Carilion and Jefferson College, to spark much needed conversation in Washington.

More than 80 students spent time with Kaine during his visit, and they probed him on issues as varied as the future of the Affordable Care Act, Congress’s involvement in mental health care, the health insurance marketplaces, and student loan debt. According to Kaine, student loans are at the forefront of his concerns, and he offered a preview of what might be coming. The Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee will be rewriting the Higher Education Act, he said, which will directly impact financial aid for students across the state.

Kaine left students with one piece of advice. He hopes they will think of their jobs as health care educators, not solely as healthcare professionals.

“We will never like the outcomes we’re getting if we’re not more focused on health promotion,” said Kaine.

While he acknowledged that many concerns exist about the ongoing changes in our state and national government, Kaine said the “Affordable Care Act debate will shape students’ careers.” He believes that by speaking to everyone affected – patients, students, physicians, health care organizations, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies – “we will find the path we need to follow [for success].”


Carilion Clinic is a tax-exempt health care organization serving nearly one million people in Virginia through hospitals, outpatient specialty centers and advanced primary care practices. Led by multi-specialty physician teams with a shared philosophy that puts the patient first, Carilion is committed to improving outcomes for every patient while advancing the quality of care through medical education and research. For more information visit


Jefferson College of Health Sciences is a private college owned by Carilion Clinic, offering doctoral, graduate, bachelor and associate degrees to more than 1,000 students in Southwest Virginia. To find out more information, visit or

As you travel along life’s journey, it can be fun to step back and take a look at how far you’ve come. That holds true in the journey toward better health as well. Working with your primary care doctor to make healthy lifestyle adjustments pays off in both the short and the long term.

Carilion Clinic Family Medicine has been established in the Tazewell community for over 20 years. On Nov. 7, however, it will evolve as it opens in a new location, assumes the care of Tazewell Family Physician patients, and begins offering veteran services.

The practice was awarded the VA primary care contract following the retirement of Stephen Rinehart, M.D., who has been the physician for many local veterans. Primary care for families in the Tazewell community will continue to be a focus of the practice, as it also assumes the care of military veterans in the area.
“We feel it is very important to have the VA Clinic close to home and are happy to have it still in Tazewell,” says veteran Bert Hardin. “Otherwise, we would have to drive three hours to Salem or who knows where to see the doctor. We are grateful to have the service just 10 minutes from where we live.  It saves us time and money whenever we have an appointment.”  He notes in the winter going anywhere outside of Tazewell is just not possible for them.
Expanded services specific to the needs of veterans will be offered, including:

  • Primary care
  • Registered nurse care coordinator
  • Mental health care
  • Licensed social worker
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • X-rays
  • Nutrition/dietician services

Specialty care will also be available to our patients via provider referral or onsite telehealth capabilities, including telepsych, teleretinal health and teledermatology.
“It is a special honor to serve those who have served all of us. It is our team’s goal to make this transition for our veterans and for all of our patients go as smoothly as possible” said Denny “D.R.” Goss, M.D., the medical director for the VA Clinic and the newest physician to join the family medicine team.  
An open house and ribbon cutting will be held with the chamber of commerce and members of the community on Friday, Nov. 11, 1-3 p.m. Walking tours of the newly renovated facility and refreshments will be available.
The new location will be in a different section of Carilion Tazewell Community Hospital at 141 Ben Bolt Avenue, Tazewell. The office phone number remains the same (276-988-8850). Providers are:

  • Kelly Rebkovich, D.O.
  • Kevin Combs, D.O.
  • D.R. Goss, M.D.
  • Tonia Mitchell, N.P.

For more information, please contact the practice at 276-988-8850.


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